Liquid antibacterial preparation for oral use

Ingredients (in 1 liter):

Toltrazuril — 25 g


Broiler chickens, replacement chicks, turkeys, geese and ducks with medical and preventive purposes in coccidiosis caused by Eimeria acervulina, Eimeria brunetti, Eimeria necatrix, Eimeria mitis, Eimeria adenoides, Eimeria meleagrimitis, Eimeria anceris, Eimeria truncata, including coccidia that resistant to other anticoccidial means, in disadvantaged for coccidiosis farm unions in the bedding when it reaches a critical level of coccidia (10-20 thousand/g), and also when poultry have clinical signs of disease.

Dosage: orally with water for drinking for two consecutive days at a dose of 7 mg of toltrazuril per 1 kg of poultry (28 ml COCCIDIX 100 kg of poultry) , which is equivalent to :

In severe cases with poultry if necessary repeat the treatment after 5 days.

Elimination period:

High effectiveness at struggle with coccidiosis

The preparation belongs to the anticoccidial preparations of triazintrion group and has coccidial action. It has an immediate effect on the coccidia / eimeria effectively acts on all intracellular stages of their development, and is effective against all species of coccidia / eimeria and against all resistant to other coccidial strains.

COCCIDIX not prevent the development of immunity against coccidiosis, has high tolerability and is compatible with the feed additives, vitamins and other therapeutic agents for poultry.

Registration number:  10-3-2.14-2757№ПВР-3-2.14/03001

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